Into the wilderness

In Darwin, the wet season lasts approximately six months. The quarries and certain roads will be flooded. The wet season governs the work schedule. When the rains stop, trucks will rotate permanently with single, double, triple and even quadruple trailer trains

Intense workload
Keith Joy, Operations Manager of Tomazos’ transport and mining activities explains: “When the rain stops, you try to make one year’s work in six months! You can do nothing for the other six months of the wet season.” That’s why reliability is vital.

With UD trucks, maintenance is rarely an issue, Keith points out. “The best part of UD trucks is that they don’t break down. Two years and zero problems,” he states and adds “You save money when you buy UD Quons and also on the duration of the life of the trucks.”

Extreme weather conditions
Transport Supervisor Brad Donald says UD Quons are well adapted to their harsh climate. “UD Quons react very well to the Australian heat, they don’t overheat.”

Driving comfort
“Our drivers love to drive the UD Quons too,” Brad says. “Importantly, they are also very comfortable for drivers.” Plus Brad appreciates their maneuverability; this allows drivers to access narrow lanes and unload in tight spots with ease.

UD trucks, a cost efficient solution

Running costs, vital in such a competitive sector, are a key focus. Keith explains, “UD trucks are just more efficient. For the same job, same tonnage, same hours, a UD Quon needs 150 liters of fuel when some of our other trucks consume 250 liters.” Just for this reason, as a business we would choose UD Trucks as a partner.”