A UD Telematics Services story

It started out as a normal day for Weideman Voere – an animal feed company based in Kimberly, South Africa.

A Weideman Voere driver was returning to the depot after a day of deliveries driving his UD Quester. When he made a stop, four thieves suddenly surrounded him.

The thieves removed the antenna to prevent further tracking.

Meanwhile, the driver was bundled into a van and driven far away …

… where he was ditched by the side of the road.

He started walking …

After a five-hour walk, the driver finally found a garage.

He made a call to his boss, but the truck was already long gone and untraceable.

Or was it? The UD Telematics Services was still emitting a faint signal. Within half an hour, with the help of UD Telematics Services, the truck was located.

UD Telematics Services saved my truck!