UD Trucks Corp. (Ageo, Saitama; President, Yoshihiro Murakami) introduced the future of the truck industry

UD Trucks Corp. (Ageo, Saitama; President, Yoshihiro Murakami) introduced the future of the truck industry with two world Premiere trucks: the Quon Vision, the symbol for the future of “Smart Logistics” and the UD Electric Demonstrator, a fully electric zero emissions medium-duty truck.

The world premiere of UD Trucks’ Quon Vision and the UD Electric Demonstrator will realize “Smart Logistics” and the company’s dedication to meet the market needs of customers and drivers in the future.

UD Trucks Quon  Quon Vision – Future vision for smart logistics

The Quon Vision is UD Trucks’ symbol for its future vision for smart logistics. It combines its Japanese heritage and global knowledge and aims to excel on its customers’ essentials of fuel efficiency, uptime and drivability.

UD Trucks Quon UD Electric Demonstrator – Fully electric medium duty truck

The UD Electric Demonstrator is a fully electric medium duty truck. It is emission-free and silent with a full-sized medium duty body that maximizes transport efficiency.

Along with the Quon Vision and UD Electric Demonstrator, UD Trucks will be showcasing the flagship Quon, the GH11 engine, the ESCOT-V transmission and smart after-service for maximizing uptime that also demonstrate the company’s continuous effort to realize “Smart Logistics.”

“Since the foundation of UD Trucks 80 years ago, we have provided trucks that the world needs today. In today’s world, our vision is to go the extra mile to support our customers, so they can deliver “Smart Logistics.” For our customers, smart logistics means providing environmentally-friendly, safe, profitable, and sustainable transport. UD Trucks is dedicated to supporting our customers in their efforts to deliver Smart Logistics.” says President of UD Trucks, Yoshihiro Murakami.

To achieve this, UD Trucks has identified the 3 essential areas in all of its customers’ businesses:
– Smart Fuel Efficiency: Excel in fuel efficiency by delivering aerodynamic trucks, with a clean, efficient engine, smart on-board driver coaching system.

– Smart Drivability & Safety: Produce safe and highly drivable trucks with a total drive support, innovative driver support systems and a smart AMT.

– Smart Uptime & Productivity: Deliver ultimately dependable and productive trucks with a smart uptime support for the lifetime of the vehicle.

With access to the world’s leading technological innovations as a member of Volvo Group and our rich heritage of craftsmanship, our engineering skills and gemba spirit, UD Trucks will turn these into reality and goes the extra mile for smart logistics to create trucks that the world needs today and in the future.

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UD Trucks is a total transport solution provider dedicated to delivering optimized total cost of ownership to its customers. It sells and serves light, medium and heavy duty trucks as well as special vehicles. UD Trucks was established in Japan in 1935 and became part of the Volvo Group in 2007. With its headquarters located in Ageo, Japan, UD Trucks supports sales and services in more than 60 countries through a worldwide network.