UD Trucks has started sales of its flagship heavy duty all-new Quon in New Zealand. The all-new Quon further strengthens the company’s product lineup, responding to detailed customer needs and meeting demand from New Zealand’s booming exports in agriculture, forestry and fisheries and other products.

Making use of its fertile topographic and geographic advantages, New Zealand’s agriculture, dairy produce and forestry and fisheries have become a mainstay of its economy, accounting for more than half of the country’s exports. Exports to China, its largest trading partner, have increased sharply in recent years, creating a growing need for regional transportation to connect the production districts and exporting bases.

Furthermore, the country has a shortage of housing, and there is growing demand for dump trucks and transportation of construction vehicles to meet this need.

UD Trucks offers a wide model lineup from tractor to dump. In particular the heavy-duty Quon 6×4 tractor (rear-wheel two-axis drive) has always been highly praised for reliability and efficiency.

The all-new Quon contribute to customers’ business by further advancing the five functionalities that distinguish UD Trucks — drivability, fuel-efficiency, safety, productivity and uptime. The new GH11 engine and the ESCOT-VI (automated manual transmission) provide the superior drivability required on the New Zealand hilly roads. Furthermore, the vehicle’s air suspension reduces body sway in transportation over water is expected to be highly appreciated in New Zealand, where ferries are a large part of the logistics network.

“I am very pleased that we can introduce the all-new Quon to New Zealand at this time when the market is so vigorous. We expect this launch to give our sales a big boost” commented Pierre Jean Verge Salamon, Senior Vice President of UD Trucks International Sales.

The all-new Quon will be imported by UD Trucks Distributors NZ Ltd. and sold at 23 sales and service locations. Combining the three strengths of the developed customer service network and global technical expertise of the Volvo Group with the continuing heritage of Japanese manufacturing skill and craftsmanship, the all-new Quon is expected to push total New Zealand sales far higher.

A launch event, featuring a presentation and test drive, was held in Auckland with guests from the trade and the media in attendance. UD Trucks delivered 97 heavy duty trucks to customers in 2017.

Pierre Jean Verge Salamon says that “We’ve launched Quon in Australia and now New Zealand, but this is not the end. We plan to develop more variations so that we can respond even more specifically to customer needs going forward.”

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