UD Trucks has started sales of its flagship heavy-duty all-new Quon in Singapore. Singapore is the world’s second largest container port (*); and the all-new Quon, with its superior drivability and durability, will meet the specific needs of local customers, contributing to strengthening the hub functionality in the global logistics.

Being proud of a high rate of growth with an excellent business environment, Singapore is a major presence in the global logistics. Singapore’s government has designated the country’s shipping and port businesses as a significant national industry, and is committed to working with the public and private sector to optimize the country’s ports facilities and systems. As a result, Singapore has taken second place worldwide in container handling volume and secured its position as a functional hub in the global logistics. Along with booming international freight transport, domestic and regional logistics is also increasing sharply, and demand for trucks is expected to keep growing.

Singapore is differentiated not only by long-distance freight transport, but also by its roads and its demand for superior reliability as well as drivability to reduce the driver burden. The all-new Quon boasts a lighter chassis, new GH11 engine, and automated manual transmission ESCOT-VI, to provide superior drivability.

Commenting on the all-new Quon, Pierre Jean Verge Salamon, Senior Vice President of UD Trucks International Sales remarked:“Our focus is always on innovation that puts people first. It is a truck for any driver to drive easily and safely. This is a truck that helps businesses reduce operating costs, boost logistics, and transportation efficiency and improve productivity. The All-new Quon is the new generation of truck that meets our needs, today and tomorrow and one that is here to support Singapore’s ambition to be the global transport and logistics hub. You should expect nothing but the best.”

For nearly forty years, UD Trucks has provided durable and reliable trucks and services to its customers in Singapore. It sold 124 vehicles in 2017. Tractors are particularly strong in demand in Singapore, where UD Trucks wins high marks from customers in the shipping and port operations sectors for reliability, operability and durability. UD Trucks has also added a 8×4 variant to its lineup of in response to customer needs in the construction sector, contributing to Singapore’s development by meeting detailed customer requirements.

A launch event was held in Singapore on May 24, with a large number of guests from the trade and the media in attendance. Joseph Heng, General Manager of UD Trucks Singapore said, “UD Trucks is a key industry player and we constantly find ways to go the extra mile to best serve our customers, businesses, and society. With the All-new Quon, we are confident that the technology being introduced will contribute to our nation’s progress through productivity growth that is not just sustainable, but will elevate the quality of life for all.”

Singapore’s Smart Nation ambition is to become an economically competitive global city by harnessing digital technologies and one that is aligned with our mission to drive the future of smart logistics. UD Trucks sees what the world needs today and tomorrow is smart logistics, which is to provide trucks and solutions that will ultimately enhance the lives of everyone in the society. With that purpose, UD Trucks goes the extra mile for smart logistics to support the requirements of our customers.

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*: Soured by “Lloyd’s List Top 100 Container Ports: Rankings”

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