UD Engineers in their gemba

Eriko Fuse, who provides technical support for UD global markets works at the UD headquarters in Ageo, find that the best solution comes from the joint effort of a team, one that is constantly communicating. “Each team member is an expert for different problems, so cooperation is very important,” Fuse says.

Going the extra mile in her gemba, she obtained a driving license for heavy-duty trucks so she could experience a truck’s issue by herself. The UD Experience Center is within the walking distance from the headquarters, where customers and employees from different departments can test drive UD trucks, and keep up to date with all of UD’s latest technology. As Fuse puts it, “getting the first-hand information improves our service to our customers.”

Sawitree Sodijt works as the Product Quality Engineer at UD Trucks Thailand, where Quester and Croner are made. She adopts Murphy law as her motto: anything that can go wrong will go wrong. “So, don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” Sawitree says.

To Sawitree, the most rewarding moments are when she works “together with the team to sort out a problem and see a customer’s happy face.”