Assembled In The Kingdom Today For The Kingdom of Tomorrow:

UD Trucks, the leading Japanese truck manufacturer, with a range of medium and heavy duty vehicles that provide comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of Kingdom’s demanding transportation sector are now assembled, with excellence, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at Zahid Group’s Arabian Vehicles & Trucks Industry (AVI) facility in the King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC).

AVI is now the only facility in the world that assembles Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks and UD Trucks on the same production line; an achievement that showcases Zahid Tractor, AVI and Zahid Group’s relentless commitment to creating career opportunities and enhancing the careers of Saudi Arabian nationals.

Zahid Tractor is driving the Kingdom’s manufacturing and transportation industries towards achieving Vision2030 and is committed to continuously investing in human resources and state-of-the-art technology along the way.


Make every moment count

Croner LKE
GH5E 14 Ton 4x2 180 - 240HP
Croner PKE
GH8E 17 Ton 4x2 250 - 280HP
Croner MKE
GH5E 11 Ton 4x2 180 - 240HP

New Quester

A smart move for your business

Quester GWE
GH8E, GH11E 80 Ton 6x4 280 - 440HP
Quester GDE
GH8E, GH11E 56 Ton 6x2 280 - 440HP
Quester GKE
GH8E, GH11E 56 Ton 4x2 280 - 440HP
Quester CGE
GH8E, GH11E 41 Ton 8x4 280 - 440HP
Quester CWE
GH8E; GH11E 34 Ton 6x4 280 - 440HP
Quester CKE
GH8E 21 Ton 4x2 220 - 330HP
New Quester GWE
GH11E 60 Ton 6x4 370 - 440HP
New Quester GDE
GH11E 48 Ton 6x2 370 - 440HP
New Quester GKE
GH11E 48 Ton 4x2 420 - 440HP
New Quester CGE
GH11E 80 Ton 8x4 390 - 420HP
New Quester CWE
GH8E, GH11E 40 Ton 6x4 280 - 420HP
New Quester CKE
GH8E 21 Ton 4x2 250 - 280HP

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