Roads Magazine

Issue 01 | 2019

In our quest to make the trucks the world needs today, UD Trucks is committed to go the extra mile for smart logistics together with our customers. And to deliver smarter logistics, having the right truck for each business activity is crucial. In this issue, you will discover how we evolved our heavy-duty trucks Quon and Quester to match our customer’s evolving needs. You will also see our Level 4 automation Fujin truck, which did an impressive demonstration of the potential of a technology that will be with us in the not-so-distant future. More development is underway following UD’s Vision 2030 Innovation roadmap, be sure to keep an eye on this space.

In This Issue

  • Quon 15 years – Fantastic voyage

  • Autonomous trucking in confined areas

  • New Quester – A smart move for your business

  • A day in the life of a driver – long-haul trucking with New Quester

  • Total package

  • Riding the highs and lows