Code of Conduct and other policies

Code of Conduct

In the Volvo Group, we specify basic principles and behavior that all employees globally should comply with in our “Code of Conduct,” in order to carry out a business that is ethical and compliant with laws. The entire code was renewed in 2017 to strengthen compliance much more than before, specify its relevance to employee behaviors, and promote application by each and every employee. Additionally, to ensure internal penetration, a new e-learning program was developed and implemented.

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Quality policy

Quality is a measure of our performance as experienced by our customers. The Volvo Group shall be the leader in customer satisfaction, delivering pioneering products and services for the transport and infrastructure industries.

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Safety policy

Volvo Group aim to provide its customers with products which meet the highest demands on safety.

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Environmental policy

The Volvo Group is to be ranked as a leader in terms of environmental care among the world’s top producers of transport related products, equipment and systems.

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