UD Trucks’ Indonesia team wins UD Trucks “Gemba Challenge” Aftermarket Competition

On November 15, the final stage of the Gemba Challenge, UD Trucks’ global aftermarket competition for employees in Asia and Africa, took place in Japan. The top three teams were chosen as winners, with the Indonesia Kerak Telor team taking first place followed by the Japan POSO team and the Thailand Lobster team. Quester hero prize was crowned to the Indonesia team and the Japan team was crowned for Quon hero prize.

During the award ceremony
Out of 289 participating teams worldwide, a total of eleven from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and South Africa made it to the final stage of competition. The live event was held at the UD Experience Center at the company’s headquarters in Ageo, and involved challenges at six stations in two categories: Quester and Quon.

During the competition
“This is an outstanding achievement for the team, our mechanics, and frontline employees in Indonesia. Gemba Challenge is a great motivator for us to strive for the best for our customers and to engage in developing the aftermarket competence further. We would like to transfer this great achievement and be ready for the next Gemba Challenge competition” said Ali Rachman, Head of Competence Development in UD Trucks Indonesia.

UD Trucks aims to use the Gemba Challenge to enhance team skills, pride and “Gemba Spirit” – the professional, passionate and dependable spirit at the heart of UD Trucks since the very beginning – among the UD aftermarket frontline personnel.

“With the Indonesia Terak Telor team taking top honors, all teams participating in the challenge showed their Gemba Spirit by striving to deliver excellent services for our customers. UD Trucks is proud to see that Gemba Spirit is spreading worldwide with each of our highly-skilled frontline employees around the world. We will continue this international initiative to further pursue our brand promise of ‘Going the Extra Mile,’” said Fiona Martensson, Project Manager of the Gemba Challenge 2016.

UD Trucks is committed to investing in the development of skilled mechanics to help address mechanic shortages. UD Trucks makes continuous efforts to bolster customers’uptime through its aftermarket services and the active usage of remote fault diagnostics and fuel-efficient driving support systems. UD Trucks’ Gemba Challenge is one of the company’s most important global activities for nurturing its unique Gemba Spirit, and helps ensure that all services live up to the needs of its customers worldwide.

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