UD Trucks unveils theme for 45th Tokyo Motor Show “Best truck for all drivers!”

UD Trucks unveiled a theme for the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 from 27 October to 5 November 2017 – “The best truck for all drivers!”. This theme expresses UD Trucks’ ambition to continue developing ultimately safe trucks that are easy and comfortable to drive for all drivers.

On 11 October, UD Trucks launched a special site on the 45th Tokyo Motor Show in the UD trucks’ website, where you can find information including a UD Trucks’ booth map, exhibits, and films of Quon dump trucks and a test-drive event in April at Fuji Speedway.

At the motor show, UD Trucks will showcase its heavy-duty range including the new Quon semi-tractor, cargo (with special exterior design) and dump models, and a Quester semi-tractor model.

Vehicles exhibited

The all-new heavy-duty “Quon” – UD Trucks’ flagship truck
“Innovation that puts people first”; UD Trucks’ flagship heavy-duty model meets the needs of the times through evolutions in smart technology and human design. The all-new Quon represents innovation in five essential areas, drivability, fuel efficiency, safety, productivity, and uptime, to better meet today’s diverse business needs.

1. Quon 6×2 Cargo (special exterior design model)
The all-new Quon features advanced functionality, and an impressive, dynamic exterior design. UD Trucks’ goal was to develop designs that make drivers proud and happy to drive Quon.

2. Quon 4×2 Semi-tractor
The all-new Quon semi-tractor has joined the line-up. It is equipped with a powerful 11-liter engine “GH11TD” complying with Japanese 2016 exhaust gas regulations.